where I am

I am away to join two conferences:

this:  http://d07.cgpublisher.com/proposals/241/index_html 


this: http://i07.cgpublisher.com/proposals/697/index_html

I have lots of things to tell you, so please be prepared! I will overload you with many topics since next week, from interesting lectures of other attendances of these international conferences to my own experiences of visiting some other countries.

(I have to type English now, as the Spanish keyboard that I am typing with, do not type the letters in the right side of the keyboard, such as k, G, j, ch in Farsi)!!

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سلام آقای دکتر عزيز اميدوارم دست پر برگرديد. جای ما رو هم خالی کنيد. با آرزوهای خوب


ok!!!then we are waiting for you to come back!!!


خوشحالم از اينکه بر می گرديد